gogosi moi si dulci din dovlecei (also in English)

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Noi nu prajim… in afara de snitele, destul de rar dar e o concesie pe care am ales sa o fac din cand in cand.

Dar am fost la dragul nostru Carbunesti. Unde s-au facut dovleceii. Si merele (dar asta e pentru alta poveste, desi puteau fi si pentru povestea de fata, dar n-a fost sa fie…). Si unde draga noastra bunica Veronica-senior 🙂 ne-a facut aceste gogosi delicioase, care se topesc in gura.  Si aici trebuie sa ma credeti pe cuvant (ba sa mai si inmultiti cu trei-patru), pentru ca eu, de fapt, urasc dovleceii. Gogosi care ar putea fi si sanatoase, ca doar au la baza dovlecelul… dar ne intoarcem la prajit 🙂


1. Se iau doi dovlecei medii, se curata de coaja si se dau prin razatoare. Se storc apoi bine, bine, bine (in principal pentru ca aluatul sa inghita mai putina faina).

2. Se adauga 2 oua, 70-80 de grame de faina, 2 linguri de zahar si jumatate de plic de praf de copt (5g). Trebuie sa avem un aluat destul de moale, dar care sa isi mentina forma la prajit  (daca se imprastie in tigaie, evident mai are nevoie de faina).

3 Se prajesc in ulei de 2 doua degete, pe ambele parti. Se scot intr-un servetel pentru a se scurge grasimea. Se servesc calde sau reci.

Si gata!


Soft and sweet courgettes fritters, in English

We do not fry food… except for the occasional schnitzel, but it’s rare concession that I chose to do it from time to time.

But I went to our dear Carbunesti. Where the courgettes have ripen in the garden. And so were the apples (but that’s for another story, though it could have been part of this story, but it was not meant to be …). And where our dear grandmother, Veronica Sr 🙂  made ​​these delicious fritters that melt in your mouth. And here you have to take my word for it (and even more than once), because I actually hate courgettes.

It could have been a super-healthy recipe based on courgettes, but it is fried 🙂


1. Take two medium courgettes, peel and grate them. Then squeeze the water off them well, well, well .

2. Add 2 eggs, 70-80 grams of flour, 2 tablespoons sugar and half a sachet of baking powder (5g). Must have a fairly soft dough, but not too liquid  (if they spread in the frying pan, they obviously need more flour :).

3. Then fry in oil (two fingers-deep),  on both sides. Remove on a paper towel, to drain some of the fat. Serve hot or cold.

And that’s it!

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  1. Nikol says:

    Wow, sunt tare apetisante!!!

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