briose cu ciocolata si zmeura (also in English)

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… si, as mai adauga: ciocolata este neagra, zaharul brut iar faina aproape integrala (ca sa fiu cinstita, 2 parti alba si o parte integrala :P)… deci aproape “guilt-free”. In fine, nu chiar, dar oricum mai buna pentru copii decat dulciurile 100% rafinate.

chocolate raspberry muffins

Fara prea multa introducere…:

Ingrediente pentru 12 briose:

375 g faina/ 3 cups (eu pun 1/3 integrala, 2/3 alba)

1 pliculet (10g) praf de copt

un praf de sare

o lingurita de scortisoara

2 oua (la temperatura camerei)

200g/ 1 cup zahar brut

250 ml/ 1 cup lapte

125 ml/ 1/2 cup ulei de floarea soarelui

100 g ciocolata neagra maruntita cu cutitul

200 g zmeura (decongelata am folosit eu).


1. Se amesteca ingredientele uscate: faina, praful de copt, sarea si scortisoara

2. Se bat ouale cu zaharul pana cand se topeste zaharul


3. Se adauga laptele si uleiul in amestecul de oua, si apoi ingredientele uscate, in trei reprize, amestecandu-se intre ele

4. rezulta un aluat foarte moale, in care se inglobeaza cu grija ciocolata si zmeura

5. cu ajutorul unui cleste de inghetata, am umplut 12 forme dintr-o tava de briose.

chocolate raspberry muffins1

6. pentru a obtine o “cupola” frumoasa, am urmat sfaturile de aici: (1) am umplut forma complet, (2) am copt primele 5 minute la 220C, si inca 13 minute la 190C.

si iata-le:





Raspberry chocolate muffins, recipe in English


.. and , I would add the chocolate is dark , the sugar raw and the flour almost wholewheat (to be honest , 2 parts white flour and one part wholewheat : P) … so almost ” guilt -free” . Truthfully, not really, but still better for children than 100 % refined sweets .

Without much further talk…:

Ingredients for 12 muffins :

375 g flour / 3 cups (I use1/3 wholewheat , 2/3 white )
1 sachet ( 10g/ 4tsp ) baking powder
Pinch of salt
one teaspoon of cinnamon
2 eggs ( at room temperature)
200g / 1 cup raw sugar
250 ml / 1 cup milk
125 ml / 1/2 cup sunflower oil
100 g dark chocolate crushed with knife
200 g raspberries ( thawed) .


1 . Mix the dry ingredients : flour , baking powder , salt and cinnamon

2 . Beat eggs with sugar, until sugar dissolves

3. Add milk and oil to the egg mixture , then the dry ingredients , in three rounds , stirring lightly after  each

4. Carefully incorporate the chocolate and raspberry into the batter

5. With an icecream spoon , I filled a 12- muffins tray .

6 . To get them beautifully risen , I followed the advice here: : (1) I filled the muffin form completely , ( 2 ) I baked them the first 5 minutes at 220C , and another 13 minutes at 190C .




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  1. gastronomiette says:

    Yum, I love sneaking chocolate into snacks 🙂

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