chec Tiramisu inghetat (also in English)

Tiramisu inghetat (33)

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Nu am mai postat nimic nou de aproape jumatate de an… asta cred ca spune destule despre cum a fost anul asta. Macar acum, sper sa revin, nu cu una, ci cu doua retete festive pe care le-am facut pentru aceste sarbatori si pe care… culmea… am si reusit sa le fotografiez 🙂

chec Tiramisu inghetat

Prima dintre este este checul tiramisu inghetat – o reteta pe care am gasit-o rasfoind o revista culinara, la coafor, acum multi ani… am fotografiat-o si apoi fotografiile au stat mult in telefon… pana cand a venit vremea sa-mi schimb telefonul si sa decid ce sa fac cu reteta… Prima data cand am incercat-o m-am cam chinuit, pentru ca cantitatile din revista nu erau tocmai cele potrivite… m-am mai ajutat cu Internet-ul, am mai ajustat pe ici pe colo si a iesit… o adevarata minunatie. Este un desert predilect de cateva Craciunuri incoace – incerc la fiecare Craciun sa fac ceva rece, inghetata, semifredo, merge perfect dupa asa o masa lunga si grea 🙂

A, si este extrem de simplu de facut, in maxim o ora ai prajitura in frigider.


300g piscoturi (uneori iau din cele negre, cu cacao, dar nu si de data asta)

o cana mare (250ml) de cafea tare, indulcita si alcoolizata cu 25 ml de amaretto

4 galbenusuri

200g zahar

500g mascarpone – la temperatura camerei

200 ml smantana pentru frisca, rece

100 g ciocolata neagra



1. se prepara cafeaua, si se lasa la racit intr-un vas larg

2. se separa cele 4 galbenusuri si se amesteca cu cele 200 g de zahar, intr-un vas termorezistent.

3. se bat cu telul, bain-marie pana cand zaharul s-a topit si amestecul s-a ingrosat. se lasa deoparte sa se racoreasca.

4. mascarponele (neaparat la temperatura camerei) se inmoaie putin cu mixerul, si se adauga la amestecul de oua.

5. se bate smantana pana cand se leaga frisca, si se adauga si aceasta.

6. o tableta de 100g de ciocolata se taie marunt si se amesteca cu crema.

chec Tiramisu inghetat1

7. se tapeteaza cu folie alimentara o forma de chec. piscoturile se inmoaie scurt in cafea si se aseaza pe fundul si pe peretii formei. Se umple forma pana la jumatate cu crema si pe mijloc se mai pune o linie de piscoturi inmuiate. Se umple apoi forma complet si se “inchide” cu un strat de piscoturi.

chec Tiramisu inghetat28. se pastreaza la congelator, si se scoate cu cel putin 30 de minute inainte de servire (sau invers, pastrati la frigider, si inainte de a servi, puneti la congelator pentru 30 de minute).

9. Se rastoarna pe un platou si se indeparteaza folia. Se poate pudra cu cacao (desi, asa cum v-am spus, cumparati piscoturi cu caco si efectul este garantat!)

Tiramisu inghetat (19)


Frozen Tiramisu cake, recipe in English

I have not posted anything new for almost half a year which is testimony enough for how this year was for me. At least now, I hope to redeem myself, not with one, but two festive recipes that I made for the holidays and I also managed to photograph 🙂

The first is the frozen Tiramisu a recipe that I found browsing a magazine at the hairdresser’s, many years ago I photographed it and then just forgot about it … until it came time to change my phone and had to decide what to do with the recipe the first time I tried it I kinda struggled because the quantities in the magazine were not just right I sought help on the, I have adjusted the ingredients here and there and got a true marvel. It has been a favorite dessert for the past Christmases every Christmas I try to also make  something cold, ice cream, semifredo… as I think “icy” works perfectly after such a long and heavy meal  🙂

Oh, and is extremely easy to make, within one hour you already have the cake in the refrigerator.


300g ladyfingers
a large cup (250ml) of strong coffee, sweetened and spiked with 25 ml of amaretto
4 egg yolks
200g sugar
500g mascarpone at room temperature
200 ml whipping heavy cream
100 g dark chocolate


1. Prepare the coffee and leave to cool in a large pot
2. Separate the 4 yolks and mix with 200 g of sugar in an ovenproof  dish.
3. Whisk it, over steam (bain-marie) until the sugar has melted and the mixture has thickened. Set aside to cool.
4. Mix the mascarpone (at room temperature) until soft and creamy, and add to the egg mixture.
5. Whip the heavy whipping cream, and add this to the above.
6. Chop finely a 100g chocolate tablet and mix with cream.
7. Coat with  loaf pan with cling film. Soak the ladyfingers briefly in coffee and lay on the bottom and walls of the loaf pan. Fill halfway with cream form and line 2-3 soaked ladyfingers in the middle. Fill the form completely and then cover with a last layer of ladyfingers.
8. Keep in the freezer, and remove at least 30 minutes before serving (or viceversa, refrigerate, and before serving, place in freezer for 30 minutes).
9. Reverse th cake from the pan and dust with cocoa powder, if you wish.

Tiramisu inghetat (13)

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