Prajitura cu cocos si ciocolata (also in English)

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Intr-o noapte pe la 23, cu ingredientele ce le aveam la indemana… a iesit o prajitura minunata, i s-a spus “cu gust de fericire”. Doar pozele din timpul prepararii sunt oribile, ca era noapte, aveam si neon, si blitz 😦

coconut bars (28)-001 Ingrediente:

Blat de ciocolata:

100 g zahar

100g unt

100g faina

1 lingurita praf de copt

2 oua

4 linguri de lapte

2 linguri cacao

Crema de cocos si gris:

500 ml lapte

200g zahar

100g unt

6 linguri gris

200 g fulgi de cocos

Glazura de ciocolata:

200 g ciocolata cu lapte

50 g unt



1. Pentru blatul de ciocolata se mixeaza bune untul cu zaharul, se adauga laptele, faina amestecata cu praful de copt, ouale si cacao cernuta, amestecand bine dupa fiecare

2. Se pun intr-o tava de 20/ 20cm si se da la cuptor, 180 C,  15 minute

3. Laptele pentru crema de cocos se pune pe foc cu untul, cand untul s-a topit se adauga grisul si se da in clocot o data sau pana se ingroasa putin.

4. Se ia laptele de pe foc, se adauga zaharul si se amesteca bine. se procedeaza la fel cu fulgii de cocos.

5. Crema de cocos se pune cu lingura peste blat si se niveleaza.

6. Pentru glazura, se topeste ciocolata la bain-marie, se ia de pe foc si se adauga imediat untul, amestecand pana la omogenizare. se toarna peste prajitura si se niveleaza cu o spatula.

cuburi cu cocos

Se savureaza cu un prieten bun 🙂

coconut bars (41)

Coconut&chocolate bars, recipe in English

Made one night at 23:00, with the ingredients that I had at hand … it came out great, I was told “it tastes of happiness”. Only the pictures I took during the preparation are horrible, it was night, a neon light was on and I used flash 😦


Brownie layer

Sugar 100 g

100g butter

100g flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 eggs

4 tablespoons milk

2 tablespoons cocoa

Coconut layer:

500 ml of milk

200g sugar

100g butter

6 tablespoons semolina

200 g coconut flakes

Chocolate glaze:

200 g milk chocolate

50 g butter


1. For the brownie layer cream butter with sugar, add milk, flour mixed with baking powder, eggs and sifted cocoa, stirring well after each

2. Place in a pan of 20 / 20cm and bake, 180 C, 15 minutes

3. For the coconut layer simmer milk with butter, when butter has melted add the semolina and bring to a boil, until thickened slightly.

4. Take it away from the heat, add sugar and mix well. Do the same with coconut flakes.

5. Spoon the coconut mixture on top of the brownie layer and level.

6. For the glaze, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. Remove from heat and immediately add the butter, stirring until smooth. Pour over the cake and level with a spatula.

coconut bars (56)

2 Responses to “Prajitura cu cocos si ciocolata (also in English)”
  1. these look amazing – never heard of semolina in a coconut mixture like this

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