inghetata intre 2 felii de ciocolata – also in English

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Asteapta aceste sandwich-uri cu inghetata de vanilie si blat de ciocolata…. 100% home made…. mmmm… asteapta asadar, la mine in calculator de vreun an. Nu stiu de ce nu mi-am facut timp sa le postez, fiindca au fost un succes absolut. Dar cum acum afara e canicula iar eu nu mai am ce posta, fiindca nu mai am bucatarie de vreo 2 luni si nu voi avea pana la toamna, iata cum le-a venit randul… icecream sandwiches (35)

Inghetata este reteta simpla, din custard de vanilie, facuta la masina de inghetata – preluata de la Jamie. Este singura varianta pe care am pregatit-o in ultima vreme. Daca nu vreau sa fie simpla, cu vanilie, adaug catre final, in masina de inghetata, fie niste sirop de fructe sau dulceata “curgatoare” de coacaze (asa imi trebuie daca am incercat sa prepar dulceata la masina de paine), fie miere, fie bucatele mici de ciocolata.

Dar adevarata bunatate aici este blatul de ciocolata… ma tot gandesc cum altfel as mai putea sa il mai exploatez :). Este preluat de la Joy of Baking, are o arma extrem de intensa, si si-o pastreaza chiar si dupa o saptamana de stat in congelator.

icecream sandwiches (28)

Sa-i dam drumul:

Inghetata de vanilie – ingrediente

500 ml lapte integral (2 cups)

500 ml smantana pentru frisca (2 cups)

o pastaie de vanilie

8 galbenusuri

6 linguri de zahar

Inghetata de vanilie – metoda

1. Se pun intr-un vas, pe foc, laptele, smantana pentru frisca, 4 linguri de zahara si pastaia de vanilie (taiata pe lungime, semintele scoase si adaugate in lapte).

2. Cand ajunge la punctul de fierbere se opreste si se lasa acoperit 10 minute pentru ca vanilia sa infuzeze. Se arunca apoi pastaia de vanilie

3. In acest timp sa mixeaza bine galbenusurile cu 2 linguri de zahar, pana cand se albesc.

4. Peste oua se toarna din amestecul fierbinte de lapte, cate un polonic si se amesteca bine dupa fiecare polonic (acest proces se face cu rabdare, pentru a nu trasforma oul in omleta).

5. Se re-aduce tot amestecul pe foc mediu-mic si se amesteca continuu. peste cateva minute ar trebui sa devina lucios si sa acopere spatele lingurii – atunci e gata!


6. Se strecoara rapid printr-o sita intr-un vas rece si se lasa sa se raceasca complet. Se da la frigider inca cel putin trei ore si apoi se prepara in masina de inghetata.

Feliile de ciocolata – ingrediente

130g unt topit (1/2 cup)

100g zahar (1/2 cup)

1 ou

esenta de vanilie

65 g faina (1/2 cup)

25g cacao (1/4 cup)

un praf de sare

Feliile de ciocolata – metoda

1. se amesteca ingredientele in ordinea de mai sus: untul topit cu zaharul, se adauga pe rand oul, vanilia, faina si cacaoa cernute si praful de sare

icecream sandwiches

2. se toarna in strat subtire intr-o tava de 25/35 cm, pe folie de aluminiu unsa cu unt

icecream sandwiches1

3. se coace la 180C, 8 minute, pana cand se leaga dar aveti grija sa nu o uscati prea tare (ramane moale la atingere)

4. se scoate din tava cu tot cu folia de aluminiu si se lasa sa se raceasca complet.

5. se taie pe jumatate pe latime, se aseaza prima jumatate pe o folie (mare, ca sa poata inveli toata prajitura) alimentara, se intinde inghetata pe toata suprafata (inghetata luata direct din masina de inghetata, ca sa fie moale si sa se poata lucra cu ea), se aseaza deasupra a doua jumatate de blat de ciocolata

6. Se inveleste cu totul in folia alimentara si se da la congelator 1-2 ore, pana cand inghetata se intareste. Apoi se scoate, se taie in forma de batoane si se serveste (daca raman, batoanele se ambaleaza individual in folie si se pot pastra 2-3 zile la congelator intr-o cutie cu capac)

icecream sandwiches2

Chocolate slices filled with vanilla ice cream (recipe in English)

These sandwiches with vanilla ice cream and chocolate, 100% homemade …. mmmm … have been waiting in my computer for a year. I do not know why I never took the time to post them, because they were an absolute success. But now, as it is heated outside and I do not have a post prepared, since I have no kitchen for about two months and I will not have one until fall, here they come …

The ice cream is simple recipe of vanilla custard, machine-made – inspired from Jamie. It is the only version that I have prepared recently. If you do not want it to be simple, vanilla, add in ice cream machine, towards the end,  some fruit syrup or jam or honey, or small pieces of chocolate.

But here comes the real goodness: the  chocolate cake … I keep thinking how else could I exploit it :). It is inspired from Joy of Baking, it has an extremely intense chocolate taste, and it preserves it and even after a week in freezer.

Let’s go:

Vanilla Ice Cream – Ingredients

500ml whole milk  (2 cups)

500 ml heavy cream (2 cups)

a vanilla pod

8 egg yolks

6 tablespoons sugar

Vanilla Ice Cream – method

1. Place in a pot, on the stove, the milk, cream, 4 tablespoons sugar and vanilla pod (cut lengthwise, seeds removed and added in the milk).

2. When you reach the boiling point, turn off heat and leave covered for 10 minutes for the vanilla to infuse. Discard the vanilla pod.

3. Meantime, mix the yolks with 2 tablespoons of sugar until they turn white-ish.

4. Pour egg mixture over hot milk, one ladle at a time and mix well after each ladle (this process is done with patience, not to transform the yolks  into scrambled eggs).

5. Then re-bring the entire mixture on medium-low heat and stir continuously. A few minutes later should become shiny and cover the back of the spoon – then it’s ready!

6. Quickly strain mixture through a sieve into a cold bowl and let cool completely. Refrigerate for at least three more hours and then prepare the ice cream in the ice cream machine.

Slices of chocolate – ingredients

130g butter (1/2 cup)

100g sugar (1/2 cup)

1 egg

vanilla essence

65 g flour (1/2 cup)

Cocoa 25g (1/4 cup)

Pinch of salt

The slices of chocolate – Method

1. Mix the ingredients in the order mentioned above: melted butter with sugar, add egg, vanilla, sifted flour and cocoa powder and salt

2. Pour in a thin layer in a pan of 25/35 cm, lined with aluminum foil greased with butter

3. Bake at 180C, for 8 minutes, until it cooks but not until the surface becomes dry (remains soft to the touch)

4. Remove from tray, complete with aluminum foil, and leave to cool completely.

5. Cut in half crosswise. Place one half  large piece of cling film (large, so it can wrap the whole cake), spread the ice cream on the entire surface (ice cream taken straight from the machine, to be soft enough) and place on top the second half of the chocolate cake.

6. Wrap in cling film altogether and put it in the freezer for 1-2 hours, until ice cream hardens. Then remove, cut in the shape of bars and serve (if you have any  left, pack bars individually in foil and can keep them in the freezer for 2-3 days in a box with a lid)

icecream sandwiches (39)


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